CJ POWER LIMITED was specialized in TI Equipment-helping customers for many years. We are one of the largest independent suppliers in Beijing for buying, selling, renting and leasing of new, used, and refurbished, test & measurement and network/server/storage equipments. A commitment to product selection, competitive prices and dedicated customer service distinguishes CJ POWER LIMITED

For the last many years, CJ POWER LIMITED has been exceeding expectations for T&M and NW/Server/Storage engineers in R&D, manufacturing and field applications. We expertise in the markets of education, aerospace and defense, wireless, component, semiconductors/computers, automotive, consumer electronics, etc. More than 4500 instruments available, CJ POWER LIMITED offers equipments for a variety of applications. We supply a wide range of quality equipment such as routers, switches, smartphones, ipad, laptops, modules, memories, Hard drivers, servers, storage, cables, vibration converter, network analyzer, component tester, RF communication tester, WLAN/Bluetooth/GPS Tester, VQT/DECT, OPTIC and basic tect instruments from worldwide leading companies.

CJ POWER LIMITED's business lines are branched out by 2categoriesL Test & Measurement and IT solution.Used equipment selling & rental: All products from well-known T&M makers such as Agilent, cisco, hp, ibm, huawei, juniper,Alcatel-lucent, apple, samsung, dell, sun, avaya etc. CJ POWER LIMITED is one of the largest provider for used T&M equipment in US. Repair and maintenance service: All products from worldwide well-know T&M makers. New equipment selling: brand new products from Tektronis, avaya, cisco, hp, sun, juniper, nortel, huawei, alcatel-lucent, ASUS, XFX, MSI, NVIDIA, SAPPHIRE, Intel, Seagate, WD etc. etc.

BVibration Sensor
The PlantProtech 767 Portable Analyser is ideal for on-site commissioning, balancing, return-to-service and fault-finding applications, and offers unrivalled facilities in a compact, rugged and easily portable unit weighing less than 12.5kg. Time and RPM based logging may be enabled, ensuring run-up, run-down and on-line plant operational modes are automatically stored. The PlantProtech 767 can be configured with up to 32 parallel dynamic channels, 16 additional static (DC), 8 digital and 4 tacho inputs, and can accept inputs from most dynamic sensors; ICP supply and high and low pass filters are integral.The SONAPHONE devices detect leakages in compressed air, gas and vacuum systems. They reliably inspect bearings, the functioning of valves as well as steam traps and detect electrical partial discharges on medium or highvoltage equipment. By applying an ultrasonic transmitter the SONAPHONE devices can also be used for tightness testing of cabins, hatch covers, containers and other pressureless systems.VibVueTM Magnifies Vibrating Motion by Thousands to the Human Visual Threshold. It is Capable of Full Machine View at Frequencies up to 640 Hz, Powerful and Intuitive Diagnostic Tool, Does Not Require Contact, Ideal for Restricted Areas, Fast & Cost Effective, Based on Decades of Troubleshooting Experience, User-friendly Interface, Customizable for Individual Solutions.
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